January 20, 2012

The Weakness of Will 2012

The Weakness of Will

Having free will is a blessing and a curse because it presents two or more options that all have different results. The problem is your choice can lead to negative or positive results.
Freedom of the will allows us to say, "I could have chosen (and done) otherwise.”

• Drug addicts could have chosen to say no when someone presented drugs. By saying yes, it led to homeless and strung out vs. going to college and becoming a doctor.
Free will to the world is viewed as choices that determine luck or your fate. Many choices of our free will can be recovered from and used to teach us, however the one choice that is irreversible is choosing not to give your life to Christ.
• Christ will never make you serve him, it’s your choice but the choice you make will have negative or positive consequences.

It is often the very gift of free will that stands in the way of following the gift Giver! Talk about IRONY!

(Romans 7:18-19)
God gives us free will to see if we will obey Him because we respect, love, honor, appreciate and adore Him Vs. fear Him.

This way if we use our will for our own pleasures we can’t blame anyone but ourselves, we become the sum total of our own choices.
(2 Peter 3:5)

The trick of free will: Humans allow the devil to deceive them, because outside of your own thoughts and actions you have no free will.
• You can’t will the results of your choices
• You can’t will yourself into heaven
• You can’t even control someone else will
• You can will yourself more time, or more life
Only one that can get His will across is God, therefor our will must align with His will.

• Aligning up with His will keeps us safe (Psalm 119:133).
We can choose to be sick, broken and defeated or choose to walk into complete victory.
Example (John 5:6).

Jesus gives us example of how to submit our will to God (Luke 22:42).
Willing your thoughts, emotions, desires, hang-up, insecurities, time, commitment, heart and mind to the Lord isn’t easy but Jesus showed us that it could be down.

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Glory to God in Jesus name.

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