February 19, 2011

This Little Light of Mine (Philippians 2) Feb 17, 2011

Notes - Bible Study 2.17.2011
Philippians 2 "This Little Light Of Mine"

- Light makes the world go round
- Darkness can't stand light
- Brings hope and joy - Jesus

v.1 - Comfort in a time of crisis.
V.2 - We must love each other.
V.3 - Selfless serving is a must (without hypocrisy)
V.4 - Putting others before self
V.5 - Having the mind of Christ
V.6 - Jesus is fully God. He became a man ( No man can take God's glory)
Christ's humility (We should server humbly)
V.7 Was a servant - we are not greater than our Master Christ
V.8 God Humble Himself
V.9 Jesus was exalted by His humility
V.10 Everyone will bow to Jesus even those who refuse to believe
V.11 Everyone will confess
V.12 Obedience, unconditional
V.13 Walk in the Spirit
V.14 Stop Complaining
V.15 Holiness in the mist of perversity.
- Show the light in you (The Spirit of Christ)
V.16 The WORD of Life
V.17 Serving God brings JOY
V.18 Time waits for no man, this has a purpose.

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